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4:30 AM – Day 3

Things were going just as fine as usual until getting to work.


This is what I get for refusing to turn on lights.

For some reason I had the idea in my head that G wasn’t showing up until 8:30. He was there at 8. So I missed him entirely to let him in. I think I was actually in the very back room putting things away when he snuck in on me. A peek out into the parking lot scared the crap out of me when I saw his car there. What’s going on? Did he get here early? He is NEVER 10 minutes early, that is IMPOSSIBLE! Wait…was he supposed to be here at 8 instead of 8:30? I felt awful. I like to be ready to open the door for him so he’s not waiting outside forever for someone else to realize he is there. I just hoped he was not late due to me.

I also had a looooong list of other people’s breaks to cover. I was having a hard time understanding who’s break I was doing when since there were so many, and sometimes the way they set it up on our daily task sheet is confusing. I thought I was supposed to do G’s break at 10. Turns out it was at 9:45. So I fucked that up, too. When my sense of time is off, I feel terrible. I don’t feel like me. I wanted to cry. It’s not like he cared that I was late, and I clearly felt so terrible that even if he was mad, he wouldn’t have shown it after seeing me nearly in tears over it. Crappy morning, but it got better.

I had 2 cups of soup for lunch. One clam chowder (which the cafe girl HATES and can’t stand dishing it out, so it makes it all the more fun to buy just to pick on her) and one chicken enchilada (yup, that’s a soup).

I got the number of a GOOD mechanic from a coworker. I will be calling him later.

Dinner with my lovely was good! I wish I would have had some sort of mango in this mango chicken enchilada…there was none. None at all. I’m not sure how they could possibly claim it has any in it. It was disappointing. And I forgot to take a picture, so here are my leftovers.


I normally can eat everything I order at this restaurant, it’s one of our absolute favorites. But this dish wasn’t very good. I won’t be eating my leftovers even though I packed them up. I just know I won’t.

We came back here and watched some movies and talked late into the night, just like usual. I’m glad we find each other so interesting that we always have things to talk about. I hope we never run out. He left as usual, too, instead of just staying the night. *sigh* I will learn how his brain works eventually. It’s okay, I love him regardless. He’s lucky I’m the most patient, understanding woman on the planet.

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