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I finally, after so long, got my car fixed today by a really nice guy who only charges $40 an hour. That’s crazy good for a mechanic. All of the shops I called charged $75-$100 an hour, one even charged $120 an hour. RIDICULOUS! I don’t charge nearly that much for the work I do in my own business! How to mechanics get off charging that much?? The problem is that it’s not an easy skill to learn and people generally NEED their vehicles. My profession I feel anyone could learn with a few easy lessons and what I provide is a luxury, not a necessity. I’m in the wrong fucking business.

My brother helped me tow the car with his AAA subscription. He assured me he hasn’t used it in forever and that it would be okay to use one of the tows on me. He woke up early and came over to help push it out of my garage and onto the tow truck. INCREDIBLY kind and selfless of him. I made him some tea and we chatted over my kitchen table for a little while before he headed back home. I owe him some form of baked good.

I sorta skipped breakfast in anticipation of getting my car fixed. I was so excited I forgot I was hungry. I had a healthy dose of tea and conversation to tide me over till lunch.


PB&J + Apple

My lovely took me to pick up my car after his shift at work. I promptly parked it in its designated spot in the garage, got into G’s car, and went shopping with him. We love shopping together SO much that we shall continue to do so even though I now have a mode of transportation to accomplish this myself. We are too adorable.

After shopping, we went out for pizza at the amazing joint one block away. They had a special, 2 pizzas for the price of one. So you guessed it. We both got our own pizzas and ate the ENTIRE DAMN THINGS OURSELVES. I mean, really? What am I? Do I not get enough to eat or something that I feel the need to consume an ENTIRE pizza? Well, in my defense, I left one slice so I could take a picture of it. But the doggy bag it came in was SO CUTE, that was all I got a picture of:


WHAT? Cuteness!!!!! (I promise there is one slice of pizza in there that I will never eat. It’s just the truth.)

G and I watched some BEAUTIFUL animated shorts by Winsor McCay, one of the pioneers of animation who blew Walt Disney out of the goddamn water. His work was so imaginative and way, way ahead of its time. We couldn’t stay up too late as we both had to be at work in the morning. I can’t wait! It’s going to be so odd to not need a ride home from him. I wonder if he will bother waiting for me.

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