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Not-quite-so-damn-early 6 AM

Since the car is fixed, there isn’t as much of a need to get up ridiculously early. The drive from here to work is quite literally only around 6 to 8 minutes. This means for that same hour and 20 minutes of sitting around drinking coffee and doing nothing time, I only have to wake up 2 hours before having to be at work. As much as I love waking up early, this is a luxury as it means I can stay up a little later the night before as well.  Having more time to get shit done in general is a very good thing.


This cereal was a massive disappointment. It was supposed to have crunchberries, yo. Do you see any? Neither did I, even after sifting through the ENTIRE HUGE bag. Grrrrrrrr. I would take them back and exchange them for another, but I am hungry. So fuck it. I shall eat them crunchberry-less.

G shows up late. Very late. It is my fault. He was at my apartment the night before, and even though we try SO HARD to make it an “early night” where he leaves by 10 or 11 at the latest, it never happens. He always ends up staying well past that. He has issues sleeping (though I’ve never bared witness to this as it seems he always falls asleep quite easily with me snuggled up against him) and did not get a full, proper night’s sleep, I’m sure, on my behalf. The time creeped by later and later. 9:30. 9:32. 9:35….this is the point where I realize he’s very late and it’s my fault. A sharp twinge of pain twists in my stomach every time another minute goes by. He finally gets there at 8:38 and I run to the door to let him in. The apologizes start flowing the second after he clocks in. He claims his actions and lack thereof are no one’s fault but his own and I am not to blame. I am never to blame. But really….I am. I will try not to let this happen again.

For lunch I have 2 cups of soup. One chicken dumpling and one Italian wedding.

Once again, G and I are adorable in that we leave my car in the parking lot at work while we go off shopping together. We pick it up when we are done. Of course, we also get dinner together. I brought my camera, but failed to take a picture as I so often do. Uhg. We just went across the street to Wendy’s where I had an apple pecan salad and only used half the dressing provided. Though I’m trying to believe I’m watching my girlish figure, we promptly go home and make popcorn with LOTS of real butter and kosher salt. Mmmmmmmmm! We watched “The Blob” which I’ve been meaning to watch FOREVER! It was a great evening! Not working tomorrow will be beneficial to him. It is okay that he stayed late tonight.

Exercise: Having this car means I will have to start attending the gym once again. I will start soon.



Comments on: "Not-quite-so-damn-early 6 AM" (2)

  1. Don’t allow the automobile to make you lazy!
    You shall regret it!
    Or you thighs shall. Same difference. 🙂

    • Oh god no, don’t worry about that. I will be going to the gym tonight! I was never lazy when I had one 4 months ago and do not plan on being lazy now. ^_^

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