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2 more days

My 1 year anniversary of this blog is tomorrow. It will be the last day I update with the same format. I must admit, I am not too sad to see this one go.


Carrot Cake Muffins

For this, I took my “shredded additives” base, took out a little of the liquid, and used the last of my molasses. These did not rise very much, so I still have experimenting to do! Next time I shall up the amount of baking soda (to counter the extra acidity in the molasses) and cut out even more of the other liquid. The extra wetness makes them very moist, which is great, but keeps them from rising.

I got lazy for lunch. I had a sandwich, but didn’t feel like taking a picture because I didn’t feel like I needed to. I no longer feel obligated.

I also did not take pictures of dinner. It was just soup at work.

When I get a real recipe worked up, I’ll go into more details in my new blog about my muffin experiments. ^_^ I am so sorry about the lack of details in my updates. I need some time off I think before starting my new one. Everything is okay. I’m just tired.



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