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Learn all about rainbows and unicorns here! (Warning: This may be a trap!)

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Thanks for visiting! I doubt many people will stop by, I’m not certain I will even tell people about this site. This is mostly a blog to try and keep myself accountable to maintaining my post-diet weight. I have 2 major issues:

#1) My diet was so restrictive and I got so used to it that I gained some anxiety issues and kept losing weight even after reaching my goal weight making me far too close to being “underweight” according to the BMI chart. My anxiety issues keep me from eating out at restaurants, friends houses and other situations where I cannot control what goes into my food. This was not acceptable.

#2) In an attempt to “eat normally”, I sometimes go the opposite direction eating bags of candy, sweets and salty snacks the way that I used to. I tell myself this is OK because I’m “not on a diet” anymore and should be able to eat whatever I want like I did when I was a younger. I will even skip meals (something I did often when I was a teenager) in lieu of “allowing” myself to eat (basically) garbage.  This is also not acceptable.

I ADORE cooking. I found out how much I love cooking by going on a diet. This way I can easily control everything that goes into my food and have a more accurate calorie count. It helped me lose 60 lbs and keep me less anxious about what I was putting into my body. Though I’ve stopped obsessively counting calories, I know that I can trust myself to cook healthy (roughly) 500 calorie meals because I’ve been a control freak for so long. On top of that, to maintain a weight I am free to (and actually NEED to) incorporate some snacks. Don’t be deathly afraid of cupcakes. Don’t be afraid of the occasional candy bar. And DON’T think that if you have one it means you’ve ruined your healthy eating for the day so you might as well eat more crap. This is of course rather counter-productive and makes no sense.

This blog is to make certain that I have 3 meals a day. Real meals. Meals that I will cook and take pretty pictures of and post. I will not always have exciting meals. My plating may not be exactly presentation-worthy. But regardless, I will take a picture of EVERY meal and post it here. If the recipe was one I found online and thought was amazing, I will post the recipe. If I changed anything, I will let you know. If I can’t remember exactly how much of every ingredient I put into a dish, I will at least try to list all the ingredients I used and you can make a judgement call from there. I only ever make a dish for one. I’m sort of my own short-order cook. So there’s a lot of “a pinch here” and “a little of this” there. If I go to work and have to have a meal there, I will try VERY hard to remember to bring my camera. If I have a snack, I will ALWAYS write about it, but may not always have a camera for every little cookie a friend offers me when I go over to their house.

If anyone else out there has this same problem after losing a significant amount of weight, feel free to write me. We will work together to keep ourselves accountable and remembering that its OK to have a snack. It’s not ok to skip meals in order to eat MORE snacks. Lets find that beautiful balance between eating healthy without “dieting” (remember, you are NOT on a diet anymore!) and eating a sweet treat here and there without polishing off the entire bag while mindlessly watching the TV like you used to.

I will also post whatever exercise I got for the day and  my daily weigh-in to make sure I’m staying within my acceptable 121-125 lb range. (120 I feel is too low for my 5ft 6in frame and 126 is too high.)

Thank you so much for reading!!!! Lets help each other!

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  1. Can I make a suggestion? Your acceptable weight range is so tiny! If you only give yourself a range of 4-5 pounds, you will invariably fluctuate out of that range in one direction or another.

    Maybe rather than focusing on the number on the scale, you can just focus on giving yourself proper nutrition? You don’t need the scale to tell you if you are healthy. You’ll know.

  2. Mmmm I don’t want to tell you what’s too much and what’s not enough. But can you just expand your range to be more forgiving? I agree that below 120 you might get to a dangerous place, but would 130 be so awful? I think if you have 10 and not 5 pounds to play with, you might set yourself up for less disappointment.

    Of course, in ED therapy, they tell us not to weigh ourselves at all. We are supposed to learn that we should eat healthfully regardless of what the scale might say. Also, we are to be sure that we don’t try to measure anything else on the scale, such as self worth, self esteem, etc. We know intellectually that the scale doesn’t measure those things, but sometimes we act as though it does.

    So, the real answer would be to not weigh yourself at all. Easier said than done, I know. Best of luck!

  3. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger and Tell Me About Yourself awards.
    Please find my initial response here:
    And my nominations here:

    I’m excited to keep following your blog. I love how you combine foods.

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